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The lake is approximately 30 minutes from both Boquete and David, Panama. In addition, the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea are approximately 1 and 2 hours by car, respectively.  Located 15 minutes from the town of Gualaca, general services for groceries, gasoline, pharmacies and local restaurants are available.  The lake is an undiscovered gem for those looking to buy real estate in Panama. 

From Panama City, the lake is approximately 6 hours by car.  For quicker access, David is a short 40 minute plane ride from Panama City. 

Built in 2004 as part of a hydroelectric operation, the lake is maintained by the confluence of several natural rivers as well as discharge from Lake Fortuna. The lake is approximately 800 acres (325 hectares) with a maximum depth of 175 feet (54 meters) with an average fluctuation of 3-6 feet (1-2 meters). 

Map of Lgo Barrigon area
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